latest online service - sunday 17 may

Hey church family. Here is the latests online service. Be blessed as you participate. Love and blessings- M & Hx

About us





We are a family who love God and love others. We are passionate about getting to know Jesus more and as a result, revealing Him in our communities. 





We usually meet every Sunday at the Bradford Playhouse Theatre but for the foreseeable future, in the light of the current COVID-19 situation, all of our services will be online. Details of when these will be available from and where you can participate in them are attached. Of course all services will remain on the platforms mentioned after their release so you can access them at any time you wish too.





To worship - connect - learn - experience - grow - reach

Giving is living!

Partner with us and become part of the answer in Bradford, West Yorkshire and beyond.

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Hope Church

Bradford Playhouse, 4 Chapel St, Bradford, England BD1 5DL, United Kingdom

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10:30 – 12:00

By telephone, you can contact us on 07435 629106 during office hours.

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Best of all, you can meet the family at the Bradford Playhouse Theatre on a Sunday.

So you want to know a little more?


Who are we?

Who are we?

Who are we?

We are a family of Jesus loving people who just want to know Him more and learn how to let Him live through us. 

We are a church of approximately 200 people but we certainly see ourselves as and treat one another as family. 

Come and see for yourself as there is always a place in our home for one more! 


Our Journey

Who are we?

Who are we?

Well a journey it has certainly been!!!! 

But in it all, and we wont bore you with the in's and out's on here, we have concluded this - That God is faithful and He is always there.

When we look at how God has kept us over the seasons, we are filled with hope and we know that God is in no way, shape or form finished with us. Why not take the journey with us?


What we see

Who are we?

What we see

Put quite simply - Jesus and Jesus being revealed in and through our lives, marriages, families, careers, and every other aspect of life.

Learning together what it really means to live in Him and to have Him in us as after all,  'Christ is in us, our hope of glory.'

And from that place of oneness in Him, see Jesus reflected, introduced and revealed in our homes and communities.

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